Saturday, 18 July 2020

Teaching and inspiration. Make paper beads.

Making  paper beads with family
Favourite flower and collage
Spotted a white tailed bumblebee
Making more masks with Kaffe Fassett fabrics. These are drying outside
A huge dahlia in a bunch of flowers from the Harrow Inn at Steep

Even my children who reckon I always take blurry pictures think my photography is better lately! Funny how the colours of the flowers I love are echoed in whatever I am making. See above.

This week my 'art' session with my four year old grandaughter was making paper beads. It's quick and easy as long as your child can use scissors. She used felt tips to cover a piece of A4 copy paper with colourful patterns, then we cut it into triangles and rolled them tightly round a felt tip and glued the pointed end with pva.
  I used paints (see above) and coated each bead with sealer. I also found that you can use plain white paper to quickly make beads and then paint the finished article. Much quicker. I am thinking celebration garlands with these beads or perhaps part of a Christmas decoration for the tree.
I notice now how the colours of the beads are similar to the colours of sweetpeas, 

Fingers crossed one of the Handmade Happiness events at the Physic Garden in Petersfield will be allowed. It's a wait and see time. I am hoping that at least the November 14th event will happen. Watch this space.
I am making these colourful masks to sell at the next HH event. The picture above shows the latest batch washed and drying on the line before being ironed and having the elastic attached.

I walk to the Harrow Inn near Petersfield every week for fresh flowers. The Harrow has a big garden full of colourful flowers and vegetables which are used in the pub and sold to fundraise for Macmillan Nurses and the Rosemary Foundation (hospice at home) with all proceeds going to charity. That huge dahlia called out to me yesterday. I had to have it!

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