Saturday, 11 July 2020

Colourful masks and colourful flowers

Masks I made with Kaffe Fassett designed fabrics
Cherries seen when out walking
The Chilterns

I feel a  bit confused at the moment. I heard on the radio that hundreds of scientists now believe the virus is airborne. If this is true there's no point social distancing. It's thrown me a bit. I wonder when we'll ever feel completely safe?

Meanwhile my joy of the week has been buying flowers from this pub near me called The Harrow at Steep. I've walked there twice recently and returned home with bunches of beautiful garden flowers which they sell in aid of local charities.  I love the colours in these zinnias. I've also bought sweetpeas and dahlias and now my house is full of flowers in vases in all the colours of the rainbow. It's been so long since I bought anything other than food that I don't feel guilty about spending money on flowers at all!

Nature has healing powers. I'm sure everyone feels happy to be outside. I often wish I knew more so I could correctly identify trees, birds and plants. So this week the local library re-opened (hurray!) and I got out three books with photographs of trees, birds and plants. Hopefully I'll soon be able to put a name to what I see on my walks.

I hope you are finding joy too now that things are slowly returning to normal.

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