Sunday, 16 December 2018

Paper not plastic and appeal for magazine covers

My carrier bags and paper bags

Help! I need more magazine covers to make my carrier bags. If you are puting old magazines into the recycling bin and live near Handmade Happiness please tear off the covers and give them to me instead!
I don't need inside pages just the covers. And I prefer thick, glossy covers from magazines like Vogue, Harpers, House and Garden, Homes and Gardens, World of Interiors and Town and Country.

I've always made little bags from inside pages of magazines and carriers from magazine covers and although it takes time, it must have saved me money...But not if I deliberately buy a magazine just to have its cover and pretty photographs!

I now feel a big pang of guilt every time I put something plastic into the rubbish and I'd like to live plastic free but I think it is next to impossible. In the shop I tried for a while to live without bubble wrap. I used to use bubble wrap for ceramics. Now I feel slightly better about using donated bubble wrap but I'd still prefer not to use it at all.... It's just occurred to me that I could use pages from magazines to wrap pots. I think I'll do that from now on!

Despite the rotten weather yesterday the shop was busy.
Apologies to anyone who visits the shop today, Sunday, expecting it to be open. Last week I looked at my opening times and realised I had no day off between now and Christmas so I crossed out Sunday December 16th. I will be open tomorrow, Monday from 9.30 to 4.30 and then every day not including Christmas Eve when the shop will be closed.


Anonymous said...

Thank you to the lovely lady who bought me in a big pile of magazines yesterday. I now have enough covers to last until Christmas. From Jenny

jenny said...

Correction. I've used all those magazine covers for carrier bags, given away the carrier bags and now need more magazine covers! Jenny x