Sunday, 23 December 2018

Happy Christmas everyone !

An old fairy I made hanging on this year's tree
Niloo just brought in more pots she has made. I love these.
New! Artist Gemma Bedford's wool and silk large wrap
Another gorgeous art scarf wrap by Gemma Bedford

Today Sunday Handmade Happiness is open from 10 am to 4pm.
 The shop will be closed tomorrow on Christmas Eve and will not officially re-open until Tuesday January 8th.
So today is your last chance to get that special, well-designed handmade gift you've had your eye on!!
Today I'm showing a couple of things I'd like as gifts! The silk/wool scarves from Gemma Bedford's paintings are really big and a lovely soft wrap around for cold days ahead. 
Niloo Wickramasinge has just brought in her latest pots. I love the arty look of these white vases and they are very popular with customers. Niloo, who now lives locally, lived in Japan for 5 years and is influenced by Japanese design and culture.
The fairy is a throwback. I intended to make more fairies this year but somehow got sidetracked into making different things. 
I'll post again after Christmas but from tomorrow it's family time. I wish you a very happy 'family time'. Enjoy your days off and we'll meet again in the New Year.

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