Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Anthropologie, Guildford

Soft metal stars tumbling from the ceiling in Anthropologie
Similar handmade stars looped above the pay desk
Giant papier mache light shades in Anthropologie
Torn paper backdrop of mountains in the window
Houses piled up on a mountain side in the window of Anthropologie, Guildford
Metal stars suspended from ceiling to floor in Anthropologie
What I like best about Anthropologie is the way they recycle rubbish to make their installations. This soft metal may have been aluminium food containers I guess. And the giant egg light shades looked like recycled egg cartons.
Yesterday I didn't have the energy for Oxford Street so I took the train just as far as Guildford to do a bit more Christmas shopping.
Do you find that when you really look for Christmas presents you keep seeing things that actually, you yourself would like to receive?! 

A few blog posts back I talked about a Japanese book on the art of tidying having read an interesting article in a magazine. Well, sorry Santa, but when I saw the actual book 'The life-changing magic of tidying' by Marie Kondo in Anthropologie I just had to buy it. 

It's fascinating. As Marie says, no-one actually teaches you how to tidy up and this is what she sets out to do. I plan to put her words into practice. I'll let you know when and if my life changes!

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