Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Most men hate Christmas shopping

Night time sparkle.
I wish I could say to some of the men that come into my shop alone:
'Let me help you. Tell me your budget and I'll show you a range of things you can choose from.Maybe you won't think any of them are quite right. That's ok too.'
Instead they dart in, find it all too much and bolt for the door.

I get it. Lots of men loathe having to find presents for their loved ones. Let's not pretend otherwise. But I guess their wives or girlfriends have told them they'd like something from Handmade Happiness so they feel duty bound to come in. But then there's too much choice, they're short of time and they'd rather be anywhere than in a gift shop so they duck out, mission unaccomplished!

I'm here and I'd like to help you find the perfect gift. Just ask ! I will also gift wrap it for you free of charge if there's no queue at the counter.

Yesterday was the shortest day of the year. Early darkness is more than compensated by watching fairy lights. I love to sit in the dark with only the little flashing lights for company.

This year I've really appreciated battery operated lights. No more having to load down each socket with extra plugs and wires at Christmas. And a string of little lights can go anywhere you please. You could even wear a lights necklace with the battery pack in your pocket! 

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