Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Carol Smith's brooches and publicity

Bird brooches £6.50 by Carol Smith. Carol's bird tree decorations are £4.50 each
Did I mention that Handmade Happiness has a bird theme this Christmas? It seems appropriate with three white trees at the shop. Two trees outside and one inside and the inside one is full of birds.

Brenda Tilbury who makes wreaths kindly re-did the window yesterday. The Christmas tree branches were dropping all their pine needles whenever anyone went near them and now Brenda has replaced them with fresh, green ones, making the shop smell like Christmas. Thank you Brenda.

I wrote an article about why I started Handmade Happiness this week and it made me feel lucky to be doing what I love. I hope that all of you reading this are doing a job that you love. Sometimes life seems to be too much about making enough money to live with not enough time to just appreciate the good things we have that have nothing to do with money.

I've not advertised the shop yet but this article, if it gets printed, will tell a lot more people that it exists. Being out of the centre of town a lot of people discover Handmade Happiness by chance. When getting their car mended at the nearby garage say,or when buying printing ink at the computer shop next door. Once people have found the shop they tend to come back and re-visit.

Both Kate Hackett, the ceramacist and Sue Inglis,who knits, came in and re-stocked yesterday. There was also a delivery of blue and green mugs and bowls from a new potter. Come in and have a look if you can, if not I'll show you pictures in the next post.

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