Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Wholesale priced fabrics

Aubergine linen and cotton mix floral at Fabriclands
 In this heatwave the train was deliciously cool with air conditioning on the way down to Portsmouth. 

I headed for Fabriclands which sells fabrics at wholesale prices and is in the Cascades shopping centre off Commerical Road. First I found a very easy dress pattern at half price. The linen above was the only 100% linen I could find but what a gorgeous colour! The pretty rose fabric I thought would be cool and was only £2-79 a metre!

I couldn't resist the glass headed pins - £1-99 a box. Now I am all set to make two dresses and with nil confidence in my dress making abilities I'll keep you posted on how it goes!

Tonight 7.30-9.00pm is the first Handmade Happiness drop in social gathering. If I don't know you're coming please bring yourself a fold-up chair! 

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Fibre frenzi said...

Thanks for your frequent comments about Carluccio's. I found it yesterday and it was good. I have mentioned you on my blog x