Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Fenwicks London

Nice clothes at Fenwicks
Really pretty top with chiffon on the back. 
At Liberty Marc Jacobs bags for everything in Liberty prints 
Carluccio's in Fenwicks for this antipasto verdure to share.
Love the colours in the coat in the top picture. Though personally I'd change the buttons from those mens' leather style ones to either mismatched vintage ones or handmade ones. 

Talking of branding as I was yesterday, doesn't Marc Jacobs do a great job with his enamelled metal name plates on all those bags? 

I'll take some pictures in the shop today. I want to produce a poster design to put on noticeboards round the town advertising Handmade Happiness. Time for a bit of free publicity. Several times a day people say to me,'I didn't know you were here.' I guess it takes a few years for a shop to become well known. Even a shop as unique as Handmade Happiness! 

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