Friday, 5 July 2013

What's in Handmade Happiness now

Samantha Robertson's mugs, bowls, jugs, storage jars. Love the colours.
New sheep cards from Sue Inglis are popular! £3.50 each.
Delicate porcelain pieces made by Ali Cooper
More shop views to come. 
Wednesday is usually the quietest day in the shop. Perhaps because it's market day in the town. But yesterday was really busy. The ups and downs of the retail world. There's no predicting it.
The day before yesterday I put up six posters advertising Handmade Happiness around the town so maybe they made the difference!

I was talking with the lovely mum of a new baby about an evening get together in the shop. A free drop in where we can work on what we're making or use the craft materials provided and chat and drink tea. Tuesday nights 7.30 to 9.00pm. I'll start it next Tuesday. If there looks like being a lot of us I might have to ask you to bring your own chair! 


Carol Stenning said...

Hi jenny, I am that mum, thank you so much can not wait till tuesday x x

jenny said...

Look forward to seeing you then Carol.