Sunday, 28 July 2013

Purple, blue and green

Fresh sweetpeas with Alison  Dupernex's scarf in the Handmade Happiness window
Peacock velvet anyone? Beautiful fabric from Tara Interiors next door.
Like many other women I find this colour combination almost irresistible.
I like to use these colours in jewellery.

Some colours are cheerful, even exciting - red and yellow and orange; some are soothing and peaceful - pale blue and pale green; I think anything extreme - using neons for instance might jar after a time. 

Do you notice what colours people have been wearing in hot weather?
Crisp white linen always looks cool and comfortable I think, but white trousers and skirts can be a bit see-through. Blue and white and pale pink look good in the heat. Corals, oranges and browns not so great in high temperatures. I suppose those are the colour of fire...
Sweet peas and hollyhocks are in gardens right now - good cool colours for clothes in the heat, and, as usual nature shows us the way. 

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