Thursday, 25 July 2013

Kaleidoscope magic

What you might see when looking through one of Frank and Janet Higgins' kaleidoscopes
You will never see the same thing twice. Another picture through one of Frank and Janet Higgins' kaleidoscopes.
Every visitor to Handmade Happiness is invited to look through one of the incredible kaleidoscopes handmade by Frank Higgins and his wife Janet, here in Hampshire. As one little girl kept saying as her mother encouraged her to look through it,' This is awesome. This is awesome.'  
To lose yourself in the myriad patterns and colours is extremely relaxing. On another level creative types can see inspiration for quilts; fabric patterns (digital prints?); and ways of combining colours and shapes they may never have thought of.
I think every home should have one! But then I am biased and very proud to have Frank and Janet's kaleidoscopes in my shop!

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