Thursday, 4 July 2013

Thoughts on linen

H&M Home department in Oxford Street has all this linen bedding. Sheets, duvet covers and table cloths all at very reasonable prices. The colours are nice too. Nice for clothes as well as bedrooms.

Yesterday at Handmade Happiness there was a conversation about making quilts between a quilt maker, someone who wants to commission a quilt and me.  The quilt maker said she sometimes finds a suitable sheet in a charity shop as the backing for a quilt.
So seeing a sheet as just a few metres of fabric can be useful. And if you are lucky enough to find an old white linen sheet in a charity shop - just think how many cushions and lavender-stuffed hearts can be made with it! 

So no, I didn't buy one of these sheets at H&M on Monday although now I am beginning to wonder if I should have! 

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Anonymous said...

my daughter has the linen sheets from H M and is very pleased with them - loving your blog!