Tuesday, 9 April 2013

ta da! Introducing the bookmark necklace!

Jenny Stacy's bookmark necklaces 
A little while ago I made a dozen bookmarks like this and they all sold. I kept hearing people say,'Oh, I thought they were necklaces.' This is how the new bookmark necklace was invented. Just clip it for a necklace and unclip it to save your page. £7 each. A very good little gift for a daughter at university I think!

Yesterday after a morning in the shop doing paperwork I popped in to see Mandy at Wild Damson next door and saw an ideal display box for the earrings I'll make today. Show you tomorrow. I've been meaning to make jewellery for the shop for a long time.  And recently I met a silversmith who is making rings for Handmade Happiness. Look forward to sharing those with you too. 


Anonymous said...

Hi Jenny
Just to say the background scheme of you blog is behind the text, very tricky to read. It used to be a white background to the text box, much easier to read.

Hope the weather picks up for you, it's all grey and dreary here.

Im printing all my spare moments, Ken has ovwerhauled the press so I will soon be in production. Wtrapping paper is looking good!

Christine x

jenny said...

My computer still shows text in a white box Chris so I don't know why yours is different. See you soon at the shop. Really looking forward to seeing your wrapping paper.

Anonymous said...

Very pretty! Xx