Friday, 5 April 2013

Showing you gorgeous new scarves by Alison Dupernex

Handmade Happiness window now. The building opposite is competing for attention.
Love these new colourful scarves by Alison Dupernex. They would brighten the drizzliest of days!
Yesterday, it being the Easter holidays, myself and younger daughter had a lovely day out in Alton. We found 'Shelter' a new charity shop which seems to be almost entirely stocked with Marks and Spencer clothes. She found a fluffy white jersey and patterned rust and indigo silk top and although I found nothing I enjoyed looking. After a tour of the other charity shops we  went to the best cafe in the world - the Italian cafe, Bottega Dei Sapori.

Strictly speaking I should not have been eating a roasted vegetable toasted panini with taleggio cheese. And I definitely shouldn't have shared a warm flourless chocolate and walnut  cake with Sophie. But I'm glad I did. The home-cooked food they serve there is absolutely delicious and worth breaking the diet for!
Thank you to friend Roly for looking after Handmade Happiness so I could have a day off with Sophie.


Carole C said...

Those scarves look lovely in your window,Jenny.
Mum and daughter days out are designated ' non-diet days'
alongside Easter,Christmas and holidays in general.What's nicer than a nibble of something delicious ,lots of chat and some shopping on those special days out together? That's what I look forward to when I visit my Mum.
Weekend 's nearly here...have a good one :)

jenny said...

Thanks Carole! You too.

Anonymous said...

Really like these scarves! Gorgeous colours! Xx