Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Yes, you can park in front of the shop!

 This is what I saw the other day. Looks like the car is coming through the window.
  If you've got one of those teeny little Smart Kas this is how you can park in a lay-by. Sideways on. Weird.

Okay this is the week I have finally got around to starting the diet. My daughter getting married in September has pushed me into it. The thought of the wedding photographs... don't you just hate having your picture taken? I always have.  But imagine if you thought you  really looked as good as you could? Would you like having your photo taken then? I can't imagine that but I'm going to try for my lovely girl's sake to look as good as is possible!! Diet tips welcome.


With Added Discretion said...

I've taken up walking recently, with a pedometer to measure daily distances. Although I'm doing it for health not weight, I've lost half a stone in a month. Anna x

jenny said...

Gosh Anna, I take my hat off to you for walking in this winter weather. I love to go for walks when the sun is shining ...