Monday, 29 April 2013

Burning fabrics to make flowers

An experimental rose. Next step - choosing a centre.
Early yesterday morning I decided to see which fabrics would burn for flowers best. I assembled shot organza, lurex and lightweight man-made fabrics and cut out a few rough circles. (I'd seen an image on pinterest of lining fabric used to make neat perfect circles stacked to make a flower but I wanted something a bit more rough.)

Next you light a candle and fill a small bowl with water- to drop fabric in to  in case it flares up.  I would advise doing the next step in front of an open window or preferably outside. You hold the edge of the fabric in the candle flame and if it's like the thin man-made stuff in the picture it singes and gently folds inwards. As you turn the fabric in the flame it cups inwards like a flower.

WARNING - the fumes are probably carcinogenic so wear a mask if you're thinking of making more than one flower!

Then you stack up the pieces, from largest upwards to form a flower like the one above. I think an old clip earring ( with the clip part removed) would look pretty in the centre. I'll show you when it's complete. Don't bother experimenting with lurex it doesn't work, nor does that lovely shot organza that looks gold as it moves.

I want to go to London today but I'm torn between the house needing me to do housework, paperwork calling to be completed and walking the streets of London. Maybe I could do the paperwork on the train...!

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