Sunday, 28 April 2013


A selection of mugs available in Handmade Happiness now.
 Pictured above are keyrings by Sue Inglis, £6-50 each; Slate hearts by Eve Deary £3 each and decorated ceramic hearts by Kate Hackett £3 each.  Blue and white mugs by Jacqui Watkins; three central mugs and child's duck mug by Kate Hackett and labrador porcelain mug by Ali Cooper.

Yesterday I arrived at work and saw that kids have written their names in permanent black felt tip on the whitewashed 400 year old shop wall. I scrubbed it with various products but their signatures won't come off. Today early I'll paint over the wall and hope it will look the same as before. 


Anonymous said...

Try painting PVA glue over the felt tip pen, letting it dry then emulsion over that. I have a small amount of Supercover white emulsion left in a tin that you can have.

Christine B.

jenny said...

Thank you so much for this advice Chris. I tried painting it straight over with emulsion this morning and it didn't cover it at all. I'll ring the landlord on Monday and ask permission to do the pva thing. As it's a listed building I feel I should check. Good to get your feedback.