Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Silver rings by Kirstie Turner

Kirstie Turner's silver rings in the window of Handmade Happiness this week
These rings are priced at £24 each or £50 for the double thickness rings. They are fun to wear singly or stacked with each other or with other rings you have.  My daughters wear lots of rings and silver is favourite. And silver looks especially good with a tan.

By the way, I said earlier I was thinking of using coloured card for these cones but I actually used two sheets of sugar paper (childrens' drawing paper) twisted together. I like the matt-ness of sugar paper and the range of colours. To make cones like these you draw a circle (round a side plate) cut it out then cut it in four quarters and each quarter can be twisted, corner first into a cone shape. Use two sheets together for best thickness.

Handmade Happiness has also got Kirstie Turner's disc necklaces and mens' collar stiffeners. Photos to come.


Anonymous said...

Really like these rings - they look great stacked up or worn individually. Xx

Amy said...

I've seen these rings in the flesh and they're great. I really like the little wiggly ones xx