Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Getting wedding bits together

Old bits of jewellery, sparkly thread, mop buttons and paper and fabric flowers
 There are three stages in making something. I'm not sure what takes the longest. First comes the collecting together of materials. Not everything will be needed  but it helps to see it assembled together before starting to make.

 Step two is the design process. This is a lot of thinking, a bit of sketching and the jotting down of ideas which often, rather inconveniently, come in the middle of the night. 

Once you have a clearer idea in your head of how something will look (in this case a hair decoration) you can start to experiment.

Step three is the making stage. This involves trial and error until something you make satisfies your own standards and looks good enough for someone to buy.

I like the warm colour of old pearls. New (fake) ones are too white. 
I heard about a lovely colour scheme for a wedding the other day. The bride had chosen the colours of faded hydrangeas, those soft bluey greens. Very pretty with mismatched china cups and saucers and dainty shaped sandwiches and scones with clotted cream.  But Amy has something very different in mind and (fingers crossed) it will all look gorgeous!

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Pretties! xx