Monday, 15 April 2013

Bug dolls?

Some of my latest 'finger dolls' have wings. Pictured with tooth fairy bags by Linda Innes.
Funny how you can never make things in quite the same way as you made them before.

 The latest batch of little dolls - pattern drawn round my finger - wanted wings and some of them have more hair than before. The faces, embroidered with silk, look like childrens' drawings of faces and since they are meant for children - no buttons or anything harmful about them - is probably not such a bad thing. These dolls are £9.50 and Linda's tooth fairy bags are £15 each.


Anonymous said...

Hi Jenny, Just caught up with your blog for the past week having been away, and was thinking about your wish for more comments. Maybe it would help to remind yourself that even if virtual visitors don't comment on your blog, it sounds as if lots of real-life visitors to your shop make lovely comments in person! I'd love to have a shop like yours (and a blog, come to that) and I hope one day I will but at the moment I have to be content with an office job... Your blog is very much appreciated, even if it doesn't always feel like it! And Happy Birthday for Wednesday! Nicky from Haslemere

jenny said...

Thank you Nicky.It was a pleasure to read your comment.