Sunday, 14 April 2013

New necklaces

New necklaces by Karen Boller. £20 each.
Yesterday Karen Boller came in with new necklaces she has made from vintage fabrics and buttons. She also made the little dog pictured. The bracelet, strawberry and flower brooches are by me and the bird earrings by Linda Gunter.

The first thing I look for on my blog are comments. This must be the one blog in the world that doesn't get comments. I don't know why. Even when I think the views I'm expressing seem quite controversial I don't seem able to provoke a reaction.

 Can I be really cheeky and say to you- It's my birthday on Wednesday and a great birthday present would be a comment from you, dear reader. I'll try to remember to leave the word verification thing off on Wednesday. I know that can be a problem.

Meanwhile back at the coal face (Handmade Happiness) I am imagining and talking about the handmade wedding corner. I will make wedding jewellery; Linda Innes is going to sew some things; and maybe other makers will have a think about whether they want to make something wedding-y. One of the things I think would be lovely is satin and lace camisole and french knickers for the honeymoon. A little bride bag covered in lace and glitter for lipstick and other essentials. Pretty bunting; tiaras and hair decorations. I could go on but I've probably already bored you enough. Happy Sunday!


Anonymous said...

ahead of time I wish you a Happy Birthday!!
I hope all is going well with the wedding plans.
I think the wedding corner is a very good idea for this time of year.
I hope one day to be able to stop into your shop.
I do enjoy your blog and often wish it were easier to buy a little something for someone. I mean easier in terms of distance and all the shipping costs.
Much love Hazel

jenny said...

Thank you Hazel.
I intend to put things on etsy when I can get my act together. That will mean shipping costs, money conversion etc is all done for us. Remind me soon to get on with it!!
Much love to you and the family from me x

lindsey said...

Hi Jenny, yours isn't the only blog to get no comments, mine doesn't either!! Admittedly I don't update as often as you, but I do wonder if I'm just writing it to myself!!
Hope all is well with you & the family, it was nice to speak on the phone the other day.

lindsey said...

Forgot to say happy birthday for Wednesday, I will try to remember to post a comment on the day.

jenny said...

Thank you Lindsey.
I must admit that when I look at other peoples' blogs I usually don't comment either. But it is encouraging to the writer to get a comment isn't it?