Saturday, 20 April 2013

Treasures from the Save the Children sale!

My star find. A beautifully embroidered table cloth. £4
The cloth and an old double sheet with tatted decoration. Sheet £6
Monogrammed hand towels. £3 together with one other and bits of jewellery.
It was a spending day yesterday. I also bought this lovely peg rail from Wild Damson.
 First of all apologies. I forgot to take pictures of Sue Inglis' new knitted designs. I'll show you them very soon.
The annual Save the Children sale in Petersfield which is also on today (9.30-5pm) and tomorrow morning is one of the highlights of my year! I just love rooting through looking for treasures among the bric a brac and linens and pictured above are what I found yesterday. 

Star find among the jewellery was the little silver ring pictured - just £1. I didn't even look in the other big hall where the clothes are. I'll check that out today on my way to open the shop.

Finding good things made me wonder whether there is a place for handmade vintage in Handmade Happiness. I am conscious of not using the first little room in the shop to its best advantage. So yesterday I got very excited thinking that this room could be for lovely vintage finds and upcycled vintage by clever makers. However a visit from a friend yesterday afternoon has made me doubt the idea. She thought having the first area for vintage would make HH 'look like a junk shop.' I wouldn't want to risk that... any opinions? 


Fibre frenzi said...

I'm not sure. A vintage area could attract customers....on the other hand they may only buy from the 'cheap' area because the price comparisons will be so obvious. Probably needs more thought x

Lynnydee said...

Vintage is such a huge concept ,where would you draw the line? Could get confused and messy. Remade, repurposed vintage might work, keeping the ethos of the handmade .
This is the trouble of a creative mind! Always spinning with ideas. You'll work it out in your inimitable style.

lindsey said...

Everybody seem's to be "doing" vintage these days, & while I love anything vintage, I would be inclined to think very hard about introducing it to Handmade Happiness. Just my thoughts, it is your shop after all.

jenny said...

Thanks for your feedback.I agree I should proceed with caution. I'm now thinking of anything vintage being a carefully chosen 'prop' for the handmade. Vintage would not have its own section but one or two pieces that enhance the handmade could have a background role and be discreetly for sale too.