Saturday, 27 April 2013

In the shop now

Ruth Ellacott's rag rug in glowing colours 
Robin £24; wren £29 by Michelle Green. Porcelain tealights by Samantha Robertson £10 each; cards by Ann Hutchins £2-50 each; Embroidered pictures by Sheila Barrow £38 each; sheep by Sue Inglis £5 each.
Cards from Sandra Izard's watercolours £3-00 each.
I just heard that my friend Bee who emigrated to Australia with her family about 7 years ago is visiting England this summer and will see Handmade Happiness for the first time!  Looking at the shop yesterday with Bee in mind made me see it anew. 

There's a lot I like about it but one area in particular that has got to be changed. In case you haven't visited Handmade Happiness  before, it comprises two rooms. The first small room that the doors open onto that I think of as the 'lobby' and the large room you walk into where nearly all the stock is. It's this small lobby area that I need to work on to make it a more useful selling area. I read somewhere that the first area your customers walk in to is your 'platinum' selling area ie the best. The bronze selling area is right at the back of the shop. I have managed to get this wrong and my 'bronze' area is the first bit and my 'platinum' area the back of the shop! So today I'm ready to make some changes. Your thoughts and ideas are  really welcome!

Did yesterday's post about remembering make you think about your childhood? I wrote a lot more about ages 7-10 yesterday. Yet from birth to 5 is considered the most important, formative time for us.

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