Thursday, 25 April 2013

Teeny-tiny baby bootees

These are super easy to make see
As you can see I made a few pairs, trouble is the yarn kept changing colour!!

These newborn-size bootees are fun to make. Click onto the second picture and it will take you to the pattern on  

Basically you knit a 'T' shape and then cross the arms of the 'T' if you see what I mean. I was determined to use a ball of wool my daughter recently gave me but, as you see it kept changing colour.  I like the idea of different colours but most people will think them 'odd' which they are. I guess you can make them bigger by casting on more stitches and increasing by that many more. Thank you Pruline at canalblog for posting your pattern on ravelry.

Confession time - I am hooked on Pinterest. In case you don't know what I am talking about is a site where you can 'pin' photos to your (pin)boards from all over the web. So you might call one board 'home sweet home' and another 'wedding ideas' as I have or you might want to collect together pictures of clothes that really appeal to you. It's like having an interactive magazine in your control. You can have as many themed boards as you like and some people have pinned thousands of photos onto their boards. Not me, I like pruning my choices as much as pinning so I only collect together what I really, really like. The process is easy. I can't work out what's in it for the owners of Pinterest as there are no advertisements. I expect someone will enlighten me.

By the way I am getting lots of comments now, 99% spam. Basically the comment is 'Nice blog now look at my blog on truck tyres' or something equally inappropriate to Handmade Happiness.  Sorry if you've seen some of these which have slipped through on to the blog I still think its worth not putting back the 'word verification' thing to make it super easy for any regular reader who wants to comment.

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Amy said...

Love these booties Mumma! XX