Thursday, 11 April 2013

I love these new scarves...

Rich colours in Alison Dupernex's scarf and shawl collar jacket
Sheila Barrow's hydrangea picture is now in the window along with the Vogue bags.
A lightweight scarf can be worn nearly all the year round. Yes, I'd like one of Alison's scarves but my mind is distracted by wedding plans at the moment. No, not mine, my daughter's!

Yesterday Tara looked after the shop while I checked out wedding dresses with Amy. Can I admit to a moment of bah humbug? I was shocked by the prices. The price of everything to do with the word 'wedding' seems to have several zeros after it. Is this a recent thing? 

I read in wedding magazines that the average price of a wedding today is £20,000. Is this really true or is this a conspiracy by the magazines and their advertisers to help people feel at ease when spending thousands on a wedding? 

Call me a puritan but something seems not quite right about spending thousands on a wedding dress that only gets one wear and then sits in a box for the rest of a bride's life.
I know my daughter won't mind me saying this - she looks lovely in everything she tries on - and having tried dresses for £2,500 and £3,500 the one that she has decided on costs a lot less and looks just as pretty.

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