Monday, 1 April 2013

New! Ali Cooper ceramics

Delicately painted porcelain bowls by Ali Cooper
Hand thrown porcelain jugs by Ali Cooper with timeless blue decoration
 I love the new pieces Ali Cooper brought to the shop on Saturday. Her mugs (not shown) are decorated with a bear, a mouse and various dogs. I think any piece would make a thoughtful and bound to be well-received gift.

Yesterday I drove my mother to my brother's house in the middle of the Ashdown Forest for  Easter tea. The house, in an isolated spot where deer frequently come into the garden, has a wood burning stove.

 It was so nice to come out of the cold and into the cosiness and warmth of this glowing stove. If we're going to have the sort of long winters we're currently experiencing wouldn't it be lovely to come home to a wood burning stove? It's now at the top of my wish list!


Fibre frenzi said...

I'd love a wood burning stove.... but in the short term am making do with good old open/log fire.....when I get a house!!!

Anonymous said...

It's not impossible as you already have the chimney. I would like one but it will require all sorts of permissions to build a chimney. I gave bags full of wood away when I was making chopping boards too.