Thursday 22 July 2021

Making different cards

Using paint and painted papers
Not sure whether added handwriting is a good idea or not
Moody colours in this one

More cards.
After what I said about the time it takes to make one individual card I decided to simplify the process and these are relatively quick to make.
I actually like them better that the ones shown in the previous post. What do you think?
Making cards is a great way of using the hundreds of bits of painted paper I've collected. Just tearing a piece across makes a statement and a space for the stem of the flower. Then I use a 'sticky fixer' for the flower head and glue everything else down.
Contrasting the colours of flower and background adds drama and makes the card more noticeable.

In the last post I said I'd share needlework ... maybe in the next post. My brain is taken up with what is happening in the world. So much to worry about, so much that needs to change. If you notice any happy news let me know!

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