Tuesday 6 July 2021

Card making

Collage card designed and made by Jenny Stacy. I like this one
Handmade card designed by Jenny Stacy
Too complex?Collage card by Jenny Stacy
A peach of a card. Designed and made by Jenny Stacy

I spent all of Sunday making cards. I made 10 in all experimenting with different combinations of colour and shapes.

 I have a lot of painted papers and it was good to use some of them to produce original cards.
As a long term designer/ maker there is a problem with cards.
You can spend a long time making just one card until it meets your own satisfaction but because it's a card and not a large picture there is a limit on how much you can charge for it.

I'd say £5 per card is the absolute highest amount I could price a card at. I did see a handmade card once for £100. It was a collaged Christmas tree and it was either in Liberty or Fortnum and Mason, I can't remember which, and I was shocked at the price. But then price is a very subjective thing and if everything around it is beautifully displayed and expensive you expect to see higher prices.

I enjoy making cards even though they are not a cost-effective way of spending my time. But designing and making things from scratch is not supposed to be commercially viable anyway. We make because we love to make.

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