Saturday 24 July 2021

Painting Sweetpeas

I tried to paint sweetpeas in vases. Watercolour by Jenny Stacy
Last card showing a sweetpea I drew. Jenny Stacy card.

I've been making lots of cards lately but yesterday I decided to finish off a painting I started a few days before. I enjoyed drawing and painting sweetpeas. They look difficult to draw but I think they are at least recognisable as sweetpeas. My favourite flower. I wish they lasted longer in water. On the other hand we have had a heat wave this week which probably made them die sooner than they would in lower temperatures.
The cooler weather is welcome today. 
In normal times I would be starting to make for Christmas about now.
But these times are not normal. Maybe this year I should set up an etsy  page as a selling platform. I have been thinking today about making large tree top fairies. I enjoyed making those when I had the shop and they sold well....

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