Monday, 11 January 2021

Thinking ...

Sending you love and good wishes with this heart I made a while ago
A truly beautiful card made by my friend Bee Mellor which arrived from Australia this week.
Peonies that I dried last year in May when the bushes bloom in my front garden

This week the UK's death figures passed 80,000. The highest figure in Europe. It feels like the walls are closing in to be honest and it is hard to still think positive. I feel lucky that I can lose myself in painting or making something and it is always fun to plan projects for future happy times.
What are your dreams? A friend looks forward to being beside the sea.
I look forward to seeing family again and giving friends a cup of tea and biscuit inside my home.

We are being urged to stay at home but to preserve our mental health we all need contact with other people. And some elderly people aren't able to communicate on Zoom or Face Time or WhatsApp. How is society looking after them? That is something bothering me at the moment...

On a more positive note. Now is the ideal time to improve our cooking skills and to read books we've always meant to read but haven't had time to do so. To thoroughly clean and sort where we live (this is my unrealised dream as yet!)  Maybe to re-watch the incredible wildlife photography in David Attenborough's tv series.  But I don't find any of those things satisfying enough. My joy is to walk in the countryside or a  park and hear the birds singing and see the seasons unfolding and buds unfurling, taking us forward to better times.

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