Wednesday, 20 January 2021

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Still addicted to painted papers. Simple beads.
Purple carrots. Never had those before.
So many berries on the holly. Hard winter?

I've realised that I can't get a blog post published with more than three pictures and that's ok. I'll post the other pictures later this week.

Most days during this lockdown I get the paints out as you can see above. The simple beads use some of my painted papers. You don't have to use painted papers... gift wrap, magazine pictures, drawn on paper, anything you fancy will work.
Today I'm planning to make collage cards out of painted papers too.

Are you finding enough things to do while living with these restrictions?
I've been making up stories for a grandchild in which he is always the hero. He loves it. I'm wondering if I could illustrate a story using collage somehow.

I try to shop for food as little as possible now. Yesterday the death figure for 24 hours in the UK was 1,610. I think that's a record. So many deaths daily. It does feel that staying in is best with an hour's walk at some point during the day.

I spotted purple carrots in Marks and Spencer. Never tried those before. They were in a mixed bag containing white carrots and orange carrots.  When I added a sliced purple carrot to my usual vegetable soup I was amazed to see the soup turn purple. All that colour from one little carrot. But it tasted good. Even better than usual.

I saw this holly bush while out on a walk. So many berries! I've always understood that lots of berries signals a particularly cold, hard winter.
When the weather is cold and (worse) rainy we just have to try extra hard to stay cheerful and spread some positivity to others.
I smile at everyone I see while out walking. They probably think I'm eccentric but when you get a return smile it just makes your day.

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