Monday, 28 December 2020

Positive thinking

Let's all follow his wise advice
Marbling on top of painted paper. I like it
Marbling on paper with gold added afterwards
The sunrise this morning

How are you today?
I hope you are managing to stay well and that you are able to stay positive ....
I have learned to ration listening to news bulletins to just one per day. Having the radio on (unless it is a music station) is depressing and we need to find ways to keep ourselves feeling upbeat!

In the UK the sun doesn't rise until after 8am in winter so a simple challenge is to take a photograph of it every morning this week. This is day one.

You may want to set yourself a personal challenge which you will enjoy doing. Personally I find painting very therapeutic and always enjoy playing with my paints.

 The restrictions we have in the UK still allow us to go out for exercise and to meet one other person for a walk. So I thought I'd plan to meet someone different every day to enjoy their company on a walk. We're not allowed to travel so it has to be people who live close by.

David Attenborough:
Hero to millions around the world. Pictured above is his new book in which he sets out a plan for the future that will keep us and our planet safe.
I was given this book in the street by a woman who has spent £1,000 on copies of the book and is giving them out to people on the condition that they pass it on to someone else after reading it. She is doing what she can to save the planet and she deserves total respect for that.

Thinking about her and other individuals like her... the quiet heroes...made me want to find out more about what we can all do to give ourselves a more secure future in these risky times. Refuse plastic, give up eating meat, grow our own food - those are the obvious things but above all I think we should come together as communities to make a difference. Think Globally Act Locally. What do you think? 

By the way, David Attenborough has a new spectacular tv series on BBC1 starting this Sunday January 3rd at 8pm called 'A Perfect Planet.'

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