Monday, 21 December 2020

Our situation

I have enjoyed painting on paper this week
Needlefelting by me
The marbled paper I made glued to white card cut into gift tags.  

Saw this carved into a bench in Queen Elizabeth country park. 
Flower of hope. A camellia blooming this week in a nearby garden.

How are you? I hope you are managing to stay positive in spite of the awful news.

Here in the UK on Saturday we were told that because of the galloping rate of Covid infection we should stay at home. Even at Christmas. It was a bitter blow to millions. We had been looking forward to spending five days with our loved ones and suddenly that was whisked away from us. A last minute shock.
I am horrified by the daily number of deaths here in the UK. It feels worse than ever with no prospect of things improving in the near future. We are told things should be better by the summer of 2021. I hope that by then enough people in the world will have been vaccinated so that Covid-19 will not become Covid-21. But I'm not confident. Not unless Jacinda Ardern suddenly becomes world leader! 

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