Wednesday, 3 June 2020

Life in lockdown

June is roses month in the garden. Bowl by Ali Cooper ceramics.
I love this Drops fine wool and I found these buttons when sorting 
I've made enough masks now
Discovered this wonderful spot when walking

I try to focus on the positive but I have to say something about the disgusting way George Floyd was murdered. It shocked the world. Every right thinking person is disgusted and shocked. All men are born equal and should be shown equal respect. Why do some people still not know this?

 At the risk of sounding incredibly corny: Let's radiate love and be brave enough to speak out about injustice whenever we see it or experience it.

Sometimes it is hard to see how this world can change for the better. But the eternal optimists among us have to believe it will. The lockdown experience has given us pause to think about the kind of future we want. More than ever we have to take the world view and act on what is best for the planet as a whole. The weather is extreme, giving us daily reminders that climate change is happening right now. It we are to slow it down we all have to act now.

To walk in a park or by a river or in the woods is so good for us. Daily walks are the upside of having to stay at home most of the time.

I've been making masks as you know and those pictured are the last ones I intend making. I offered them on Instagram for free and most of them have gone to new homes. I want to focus on making something else now. Today I'm making a butterfly mobile and some sun hats. The tiny cardigan is for the newest member of our family, born just last week!

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