Thursday, 7 June 2018

Making bits and pieces

More painted beads by Jenny Stacy
Painted beads and a twist of silk
Playing with velet . Buttons and Suffolk puffs made by Jenny

I want to have more of my own jewellery in Handmade Happiness but, as usual, I want it to be as original as possible so I am at the trying out ideas stage.

I have painted beads for jewellery before and I have used velvet in neckpieces but it's funny how a conversation can spark a whole new train of thought...

Yesterday a lovely lady was telling me about a fascinating one year course on Oriental Art at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London. She glanced at what I was doing and said,'Ah, I see you are making buttons'and in my imagination I could see a long plain velvet coat with the puffs with button on top ranged down the centre as 'buttons'. The buttons don't have to do up, they could each have a large popper under them. I'd like to wear a coat like that in the winter.

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