Saturday, 9 June 2018

Beads to bust Brexit slump

SOLD but more are available at Handmade Happiness
Roses on the shop counter

Some makers always say their sales are 'fine'. I can only be honest. Life is hard at the moment. People aren't spending. If proof were needed that retail is in the doldrums, House of Fraser has just announced it is closing down half of its department stores. And you already know that Marks and Spencer is closing 100 of its stores.

One idea to bust the Brexit slump is to have something so cheap in the window it is irresistible. That was my idea this week. So I have painted dozens of 'friendship beads' and put them on a dyed silk tie. They can be worn as a bracelet or anklet where the silk is longer. Just £1 each. I wonder how many will sell today, Saturday? I'll let you know.

Meanwhile I have another 30 beads on the table in front of me to paint before work!

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