Monday, 27 February 2017

Planning what to make

I love Liberty scraps
Recent needlefelting pieces by Jenny Stacy
There are two things I feel the shop needs right now. Purses and jewellery.

 So I look at what I have - fabrics, beads, buttons and start to plan what I can make. Purses need a zip so first step will be buying some small size zips. These will determine the size of the purses. 

Then I'll experiment with some of the needlefelted pieces above to see what purses look like made with them. First I need to machine or hand embroider over the top of them to stabilise them for hard wear.

 Liberty patchwork purses would also tick the box for me and I will give that a go and see whether the finished result is saleable or not. 

I've sketched out some new jewellery ideas which involve using some of the Liberty fabric. Watch this space!
What are you planning and working on right now?


Brenda Tilbury said...

Hi Jenny, I need a new change purse so looking forward to seeing your creations! I am working on white/pink felt blossoms at the moment.....see you soon x

jenny said...

Great! I look forward to seeing your Spring branch. If you see any really short zips on your travels let me know. Shortest I've found is 6" which is too long. X

Brenda Tilbury said...

Will do! Off to Ireland on Friday, hope to see you before then X