Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Rich colour for February making

Love these scraps of velvet and felt.
I also love mother of pearl dyed buttons. These have a matt finish.
Wood bowl of bits on my work table.
Do you find it hard to throw fabric away? I do, especially when the colours are as beautiful as this. Even tiny bits can be used in fabric and paper collage. Imagine tiny hearts for Valentine's Day in these rich velvets...

I'm going through all my materials and small makes right now because I want to make a big wall piece. Sometimes I wish there wasn't quite so much of it because pulling out what I need takes a long time. As my children always used to say, 'You could open a shop with that lot...' 
Oh yes, that's right, I did!

Happy February everyone! 

1 comment:

Brenda Tilbury said...

Beautiful colours Jenny, just what I need at this very grey stage of the year.......x