Thursday, 16 February 2017

Hearts to celebrate Spring

These pretty ceramic hearts made and hand-painted by Kate Hackett have just arrived in the shop. £3 each.
Printed velvet settee and linen cushion by Boeme in Tara Interiors, my next door shop.
Seen in Waitrose last night. Giant strawberries in February?
As someone trying to do a low-carb diet these strawberries look especially apealling! But somehow I can't buy strawberries in February. Strawberries are for June aren't they? And they are £3.60 a tub - a price that puts them out of the reach of most people, including me!

I had to share a picture of this settee that arrived at Tara Interiors yesterday.Just stunning!

Kate Hackett's ceramic hearts are always popular and the two pictured above are just perfect to celebrate the arrival of Spring.

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