Friday, 20 November 2015

Inside Handmade Happiness

Tiny gift boxes by Jenny Stacy
Robin garland £4.95 made by Christine Burgess
Mugs and jugs by Justine Jenner
Vessels by Niloo
Beeswax candles made by Elizabeth Eveleigh £4.50 each
At this time of year I save stamps from letters and cards. Christmas stamps are tiny works of art and it is nice to re-use them. On these matchboxes the stamps are the focal point along with painted paper etc. I imagine these used to hold money or a pair of earrings or even a couple of chocolates as a table present.

Justine Jenner's mugs and jugs, pictured, have a subtle decoration that reminds me of feathers. Niloo's spotty bowls and vases show great patience.Imagine adding all those tiny black points...

I love the smell of Elizabeth's candles. They are pure beeswax. An excellent little gift I think.

I am finding it hard to make carrier bags right now because I don't have any old magazines. Please can I ask anyone who lives in the town and reads this to drop off magazines they would otherwise put in the re-cycling bin. Or, even better, to tear off the front and back covers from old magazines and deliver those. I have plenty of inside pages to make my little bags with but no covers for the carrier bags. Thanks a lot.

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