Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Pretty but pricey

Crackers in Liberty £45 
Pretty velvet flowers
Fat quarter fabric packs £49.95 each
Pretty decor in The Bath Shop at Liberty
My son gave me a Liberty coin for my  birthday. It is worth £50. So yesterday I had a good look round Libertys to see what I wanted to spend it on. After all, I love Liberty and with it's impressive wood panelling and galleried layout and gorgeous fabrics I imagine it's a top tourist destination.

Now you could argue, and my children frequently do, that I'm a bit of a country bumpkin. But who pays £45 for crackers? That sort of thing shocks me. In fact, are you thinking the same? Scan and print fabric on to paper, 2 to 3 toilet rolls per cracker, bit of ribbon, done. Or to be even more parsimonious, iron last years gift wrap - I can't bear to see nice paper get thrown away - and use that to make individual crackers.

I like the pretty velvet flowers, I've got quite a lot still that I bought when we lived in France. I could have spent my whole coin on a pack of fabrics (above) but I'd rather choose my own selection. Often in these packs there's one or two fabrics that you really like and the rest not so much. I'd rather have a pick and mix area where you could choose any little piece of Liberty fabric you liked and pay per piece. Lovely for quilt makers.

So I came away having spent nothing.( You can see from this post I'm revving up to be a real 'bah humbug' person this Christmas.) More London pictures tomorrow.

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