Saturday, 16 June 2018

Making, making, making

Bunny slippers for a grandaughter from a pattern by Fiona Goble. The jumper is knitted by Patricia and in the shop.
I've been making cashmere bunnies for ages but I found the 'finger doll' when tidying and I'll make more of her
Velvet on velvet. Making lots of velvet buttons both to sell and to use in jewellery making

Since having the shop I've made lots of small things to sell at a reasonable price. This week I've been sitting at my worktable making. 

It was a nice surprise to come across the finger doll pictured above.  Years ago I made lots of these and they must have sold well because she's the only one I have left. I drew round my longest finger for the pattern. Last night I soaked a piece of calico in tea to achieve a more flesh like colour and ironed Liberty scraps for the bodies. Hopefully I'll have the sewing machine out and get some made in the shop today.

I love velvet, especially soft silk velvet and even better, silk velvet that has been hand dyed in colours that blend into one another. Years ago I was lucky enough to get my hands on a quantity of velvet expertly dyed by my friend Alison Crosthwaite. We swapped because she liked my handmade buttons - not velvet ones, the ones I used to do with patterns on them. I've tried dyeing velvet myself but wasn't happy with the results. Woman - know your limits!

Happy weekend everyone! 

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