Wednesday, 16 December 2015

In Handmade Happiness now

Owl cushion on midnight blue velvet made by Tanya Williamson £48
New lino cut Christmas cards by Jacqui Watkins. £2.50 each.
Jeremy Moore's attractive mugs, also stocked in blue, £16.00 each.
Interesting jug £22.50 by Jeremy Moore
 There are so many lovely gifts, cards and decorations to choose from in Handmade Happiness right now.

Certain items are consistently popular and lots of makers are muttering about having to start making for Christmas in January next year. Today I'll be contacting some of them to please re-stock this week.

I've also just started selling Jeremy Moore's ceramics.He uses a lovely deep blue glaze (not pictured) that I particularly like. I also like the deep rustic green celadon glaze of these mugs. Ideal for a country cottage.

Also new are the necklaces I've been making. A new take on 'worry' beads that I remember so well from my childhood in the Middle East. I can still picture men sitting cross-legged with a string of large, smooth beads in their hands. Feeling each bead as an aid to prayer and meditation is also what rosary beads are traditionally used for in some religious places.

On Monday I went to Chichester and I was amazed that so many items are being offered at sale prices. Whatever happened to the January sales? I remember when sales were in January and again in July. Full stop. Now sales are all the year round...but it's a bit worrying if shops feel the need to go into sale in the run up to Christmas. I asked why at Marks and Spencer and apparently it's to attract people back into the shops now that so many people choose to do all their shopping online.

Handmade Happiness is exceptionally going to be open on Monday 21st December, next week. Otherwise business as usual, Tuesday to Saturday 10am to 5pm but closed on Christmas Day and Boxing Day.


Sridhar Chandrasekaran said...

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jenny said...

Thank you Sridhar. I don't do Twitter but all best wishes to you anyway.