Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Glitter and Sparkle

Christmas lights from a balcony in Bath
Intriguing giant mercury baubles filled with tiny lights
Nothing conveys the excitement of Christmas like glitter and sparkle. I love to see cascades of tiny silver or golden lights in department stores and shop windows lit up with hundreds of fairy lights.

On Sunday I did a Christmas fair at a local hotel to promote the shop. A friend had given me two large silver birch branches and in a heavy glass vase bedecked with two lots of fairy lights and lots of my tiny fairies and Carol's bird decorations it looked magical. Isn't it great that fairy lights of the LED kind are so portable. Battery operated so you don't have to depend on there being plug sockets and extension wires. And cheap. I got some in Sainsburys for just £3 a box, batteries included.

Just a line of glitter or a few dots can bring a card or a decoration alive. I wouldn't recommend powder glitter that you add to a coating of glue. It tends to shower off as soon as you touch it. Though it can look fabulous... I use fine glitter glue which you can write with or make patterns with if you want to. It comes in every colour but I like a nice flat gold at Christmas. Not yellow gold, I think that looks tacky, but an 'antique' gold with a touch of grey in it.

So with lots of tiny lights and artful touches of glitter glue we're all set for a magical, sparkling Christmas. What makes you feel excited about Christmas?

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