Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Decorating Handmade Happiness for Christmas

Handmade Happiness today with new white trees and garland across the top of the window.
Handmade Happiness tonight.
Today Brenda Tilbury installed a living garland of greenery and berries across the top of the window and silver birch branches outside and inside.  Brenda also supplied the Christmas tree branches wired to the sides of the window. She has done a great job and I'm really pleased with the shop's new look. Thanks too to Christine Burgess who brought in the two silver birch branches now wired together in the centre of the window.

The Christmas window is not quite ready yet. I still have to wrap boxes with gift wrap and place suggested gifts on them in the window from the many items stocked by Handmade Happiness. I'll do that tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful! Very festive xxx

Anonymous said...

Thank you Anonymous! Last night was late night opening and as it got darker (and colder and rainier) the shop looked cosy and inviting. Jenny