Saturday, 9 November 2013

Christmas gift wrap with stampers or potato

Fun wrapping paper
 Yesterday afternoon as the rain lashed down turning the road outside HH into a temporary river I was on the floor with a big sheet of plain red gift wrap, a white ink pad and various wood stampers. 
Children would love doing this.  You could use brown parcel paper and other coloured ink pads. An easy way of making your own gift wrap with a difference.

 You don't even need to have stampers and an ink pad. Paint on a side plate and a cut in half potato. To make a perfect star shape (or any shape) in the cut surface of a potato push in a metal cookie cutter then cut round the outside of it so the image is raised.

 Have kitchen roll paper on stand by to blot the wetness of the potato and to take excess paint from the potato so when you print the image it's going to make a clear outline.

Paperchase currently has a very simple tree image on brown paper which reminds me of potato printing.

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