Friday, 8 November 2013

Needlefelted birds

Michelle Green's needlefelted birds at Handmade Happiness
 These are the birds Michelle Green makes. They are very popular and make lovely presents. I am delighted that Michelle will now be making needlefelted dogs for HH as well. (See yesterday's post.)

Now is the time for selling the things you make. Yesterday afternoon I was shown some chunky wood puzzle decorations including a nativity scene. I liked them and the next person who entered the shop bought one. I phoned the maker to ask for some more, not sure whether she'd had chance to walk home yet!

If you've got something to sell come to Handmade Happiness and show me. I am always looking for special things designed and made by individuals living locally. Right now I'd welcome handmade felt slippers, scarves, woolly hats, warm clothing... And with Christmas in mind handmade gifts and decorations. Quality materials make quality items and sorry but I don't accept things knitted from acrylic yarn or sewn with man-made fabrics. I like to keep it natural. 'Champagne taste, beer money' as my mother would say and no apologies for that! 

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