Friday, 22 November 2013

Awash with good things...

It's dark outside, cosy inside with so much to see in Handmade Happiness
 The shop seems to be bursting with lovely gifts at the moment. There's so much to look at. Something for everyone as the old cliche goes.
It was good to have Amy's company yesterday and to benefit from her usual good sense. We put up fairy lights along the back wall and around the window so now we're twinkling with energy. I love the way you can touch a button and speed up the way the lights flash or just have them continuously bright depending on your mood!
Handmade Happiness is like Santa's workshop, full of creative energy. Christmas being so near has a galvanising effect on me and suddenly I want to make a thousand things knowing that there's no time to make a fraction of it. But I can try...!

This morning I've been sorting beads with the idea of making some unusual charm bracelets. Now I've sorted out the materials I can make on a tray in the shop today. Friday is funny, an all or nothing day. Either hectically busy with lots of people in or nothing doing, a time to make jewellery!!


Chignon said...

I discovered your lovely shop last Thursday when I bought a beautiful card and enjoyed a chat about French lace and sewing. I'll be sharing details of where to find you on my Facebook page so my friends who love handmade can find you too.

jenny said...

Thanks a lot.