Thursday, 14 November 2013

Champagne Charlies

A giant bottle of champagne in one of Selfridge's Christmas windows
I just heard on the news that someone has paid 105 million dollars for a painting by Andy Warhol in New York. Presumably they think it's an investment that will appreciate in value over the years. But in the short term what  a lot of good that money could have done if 'invested' with the poor and homeless in New York. Or used to airlift blankets, tents and food to the stricken people of the Phillipines. (On the same news bulletin they said that because of blocked roads supplies were not reaching villages devastated by the typhoon.)

 I know I'm being simplistic but the painting in question, called 'Silver Surfer' apparently shows a body across a crashed car. But I dare say the new owner won't have it on display anyway. As it's so valuable it will probably have to be stored in a bank vault somewhere. What a strange world we live in!

By the way the US is currently the number one giver of aid in the Phillipines. I don't mean to imply that the country is not doing enough. According to the BBC it is giving 20 million dollars (UK 16 million dollars) and I'm sure those figures will rise...

Meanwhile back at the coal face (aka Handmade Happiness!) I made poppy petals yesterday. Hammering away with my embellisher. I was meshing wool into silk and this morning I've made a large piece of red felt on the draining board which I'll now cut up into poppy shapes for the silk petals to be sewn into. I also need to search for some large detailled black buttons to act as centres. If they look all right I'll show you a picture.
Enjoy your day.

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